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New Marked for Life: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck 2002 Rare OOP

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New Marked for Life: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck 2002 Rare OOP

New Marked for Life: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck 2002 Rare OOP

Marked for Life: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck 2002 First Edition Hermetic Press.  Perfect New Condition. This book is selling for $250 new on Amazon, $170 Used at Abebooks.  Very Rare Limited Run, best know for the section on hand marking decks.

This book will ship first class with insurance against complete sale.

Most magicians, at some time, buy a marked deck. And after a few hours the cards are most often put into the back of a drawer and forgotten. What a waste! The marked deck is an extraordinarily strong tool for the magician. Not just a prop good for a trick or two-the marked deck, as long-time professional Kirk Charles shows in this book, is a means for improving countless tricks in your repertoire, and a way to protect yourself in every performance from accidents and oversights. Marked for Life, like no book before it, considers the marked deck as a utility tool with a multitude of benefits to offer the card magician. And unlike many texts that have come before, Marked for Life does not focus on a single type of marked deck. Instead, it examines the many possibilities and uses to which any marked deck can be put. Marked for Life provides an informative overview of the many types of marked cards available—tricks with them-subtleties that completely disguise their use-applications for a variety of helpful purposes—and a lengthy bibliography that leads the reader to further information and uses for marked decks. If you don't presently use a marked deck, this book will guide you in finding the right one for your needs. And if you already have a marked deck, Marked for Life will get it out of that drawer and into your act. You will not believe the stunning effects possible with a marked deck until you read this book. 100 pages in quality paperback with sewn signatures.

Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck! The marked deck-Most have one, yet so few actually use one. Full-time professional Kirk Charles shows you how the marked deck you own can be one of your most valuable tools. And if you don't have a marked deck, he gives you all the information you need to choose the one best suited to your puposes. A high-quality paperback with 100 pages of clever and valuable information. Softbound, 100 pages.

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