MindTrap Game - It Will Challenge the Way You Think! New In Box
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Condition: New
Brand: Great American Puzzle Co
Recommended Age Range: 12+
Min. Number of Players: 2 players
Gender: Boys & Girls
Year: 1991
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MindTrap Game - It Will Challenge the Way You Think! New In Box

MindTrap Game - It Will Challenge the Way You Think! New In Box

500 Question Cards
MINDTRAP - Over 500 classic puzzles, murder mysteries, conundrums and trick questions that will challenge the way you think! The question is read and your team must solve it. You will encounter questions that look so easy, they'll make you jump at the answer. What you think is a clue is really a trap. Then you will confront the type of "head scratcher" that appears impossible to solve. It seems there just isn't enough information to go on -- until you hear the answer. Then you will realize you overlooked the obvious and it was easy after all. Another type that you will encounter is the classic unsolved murder -- a situation as bizaare as it is ingenious. Much of the fun is watching the other team struggle with a question while you know the painfully obvious answer. It makes you laugh! At times the solution will hover there, tantalizingly out of reach. The puzzle begs you to apply logic and insight, while striving to avoid the beaten path. Your team asks questions that can be answered "yes" or "no," clearly narrowing in on the solution, until suddenly you're hit with the "aha!" as it clicks into place. MINDTRAP -- a party in a box! A game that can be played as esaily in your car as in your home... or wherever you may want to challenge your mind! SAMPLE QUESTION AND ANSWER: If a daddy bull weighs 1,200 pounds and eats twelve bales of hay each day, and a baby bull, who weighs 300 pounds eats three bales of hay each day, how much hay then should a mommy bull eat if she weighs 800 pounds? ANSWER: There's no such thing as a mommy bull.
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