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Mentalism de Luxe - Stanton Carlisle - 1978 Supreme Magic EUC RARE OOP

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Mentalism de Luxe - Stanton Carlisle - 1978 Supreme Magic EUC RARE OOP

Mentalism de Luxe - Stanton Carlisle - 1978 Supreme Magic EUC RARE OOP

Mentalism de Luxe 1978 Supreme Magic EUC RARE OOP 36 pages

During his lifetime Stanton Carlisle became well known for his contributions on Mentalism which appeared in magazines throughout the world and in particular in The Magigram magazine. Unfortunately Carlisle’s career was cut short when he became confined to a wheel chair with an incurable spinal problem. He was a great performer with a flair for simplicity and routining. Many of his best routines appeared in a series of difficult to fine books published by Supreme. Each of these well polished gems of routines are polished to a scintillating perfection.

Contents (In between the effects you will find the wise words of Stanton’s experience):

7 ESP-icially in Colour: The mentalist draws a design in RED and the spectator draws one in BLACK. Unbelievably the two match.

10 The Key Caper: Six unfaked keys, five of them do not operate a smart brass padlock for the sixth is the key for that purpose. Without recourse to switches of locks or keys and without any form of envelope marking, or any of the usual subtleties, the performer can positively locate the one key that opens the lock.

14 Psychometric Divination: One of Stanton Carlsile’s favourite effects and one from which every last ounce of dramatic effect can be extracted. A committee of four persons participate – despite the fact that you are blindfolded, you give a character reading AND reveal articles belonging to members of the audience and names written by them.

19 And Through The Door: A publicity stunt that, on the right occasion can be a smash hit for you.

21 Sealed Mysteries: An inner secret of mentalism. Questions are answered and Stanton tells you HOW! He gives you the opening, patter lines, what to do and what to avoid. An act in itself.

31 The Choice Is Yours: Absolute simplicity of method produces an effect of ‘high impact’.

34 Music In The Air: The late Al Koran thought so highly of this that he asked Stanton’s permission to perform it on TV – with success. Small enough to be used as a pocket effect, big enough to be used in stand-up.

36 Russian Roulette: A terrific version of this thrilling effect. Six .22 air pistols … five of them are loaded; in a very fair manner one is chosen. Spectator takes careful aim at the mentalist’s head, the silence is only punctuated by the beating hearts of the assembled company and the dull click as the action of the pistol fails to bring the ‘messenger of death’ from its barrel!

This booklet has been sitting shelved for basically 20 years waiting for a good home

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