Jay Sankey's Fade Away Deck - Bonus Effects - Blood Sucker - Snowblind Aces NEW
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Jay Sankey's Fade Away Deck - Bonus Effects - Blood Sucker - Snowblind Aces NEW

Jay Sankey's Fade Away Deck - Bonus Effects - Blood Sucker - Snowblind Aces NEW

A pack of cards is covered with a handkerchief. A spectator is invited to take hold of the cards through the cloth and cut the deck in half (and it is a completely fair cut!) The spectator takes a quick peek at whichever card she cut to and is given the deck, still wrapped in the handkerchief. The magician urges the spectator to imagine that, "the ink on every card but yours is slowly fading away." And sure enough, when the spectator unfolds the handkerchief and spreads through the deck, she discovers that every card except the one she selected is now blank on both sides! Yes, the deck can be thoroughly examined! This killer effect features a little-known-but-absolutely-baffling force that makes the trick totally self-working. Comes complete with the necessary deck of cards, all the details on the ingenious handling and Jay's professional script. Fade Away also includes as a special bonus, Jay's full-length routines Bloodsucker and Blind Aces-free!

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